Scientifically proven: EGF works against wrinkles!

It is scientifically proven:

Der Wachstumsfaktor EGF wirkt nachweislich gegen Falten!

The growth factor EGF is proven to work against wrinkles!
For many ingredients of anti-aging cosmetic products, the scientific evidence that they actually act against wrinkles is missing. This is not the case for growth factors, in particular the EGF: the effect of the EGF against wrinkles has been clearly demonstrated in an independent study.

In short:

The Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), is a natural component of human skin and has the ability to accelerate cell renewal within the skin. This stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. The skin regenerates faster and becomes visibly smoother and firmer. The discovery of the EGF cell activator and its effects was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986.
Professor Martina Kerscher from the University of Hamburg, has clearly shown in an independent study that the EGF actually reduces the depth of the fold and increases the skin thickness again.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchung von EGF SerumWatch the ARD video.
It gets interesting at 1:30.
Link to the video →



However, this property has also been shown in numerous other scientific studies. Here some examples:

Health factors in colostrum (EGF)
Protective effects of skin permeable epidermal and fibroblast growth factor against ultraviolet-induced skin damage and human skin wrinkles. (EGF & FGF)

Advantages of the SOLUBIA VITAL EGF products:

  • In addition to the EGF, SOLUBIA VITAL also contains other skin-active growth factors, such as the FGF growth factor, which stimulates the cell proliferation of the fibroblasts responsible for the formation of collagen.
  • The growth factors come from a purely natural source.
  • In our products are a variety of natural antioxidants as well as peptides, which protect the skin, strengthen and support the regeneration.

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